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Our Staff

Our schools are staffed with committed teachers and support staff. 

Our teachers are dynamic and passionate about the students they teach and the communities they teach in. 

With a range of new and experienced teachers, and teachers with various experiences and specialties, our students receive creative, flexible and relevant educations to meet their varying needs.  Thinking outside the box and having fun with the possibilities is key when modifying and developing curriculum for our students. 

Along with relevant curriculum, relationships are also vital. Passion is a necessary component when teaching in our schools.  A teacher must have a passion to learn from the communities and respect their cultures and traditions.  A teacher must believe in their students and know their potential even when challenges arise.  Not only are these relationships important for the students, but they are immensely rewarding for the teachers as well. 

Community members fulfill many different roles within the school, from: teachers, educational assistances, cooks, security, maintenance/custodial, and to school office staff, the community plays a large role-modeling presence within each school.   

Working for the Stoney Education Authority is a rewarding educational experience that will not be found in just any school. 

Even through challenges, the students and communities will quickly win over your hearts.

The school is the hub of each community, and as a teacher, you fulfill a crucial role in the daily lives of each student.  

We welcome new teachers to come visit and see what our schools have to offer. 

Our schools are unique, and the experiences and learning you will be a part of, will last a lifetime.  

Staff Directory

Downton, Terry - Superintendent
Administrative Assistant
White, Wanita - Executive Assistant
Abraham, Cleavon - Receptionist
Special Education
Tolhurst, Toni - Coordinator
McWhinnie, Michael - Technology Services Manager
Albert, Rodney - NBL Manager
Twoyoungmen, Trilena - NBL Executive Assistant
Altaf, Nadeem - Financial Controller
Mark, Cherith - FNSSP