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Morley Community Gymnasium Rental Requirements

Morley Community Gymnasium Rental Requirements:

  • Contact the Stoney Education Authority office during business hours.

  • Business Hours are 8:15 am to 4:15 pm Monday to Friday.

  • Contact Cleavon Abraham (403-881-3102) or Wanita White (403-881-2743), ​they can assist you in booking your event.

  • The Morley Community Gymnasium Rental Agreement form must be signed along with the rental fee and deposit handed in five business days prior to your event in order for your function to be confirmed.

  • The rental fee is $300.00 per event and the damage deposit is $150.00.                                                                                             *The $150.00 damage deposit will be refunded the next business day after the Stoney Education Authority Representative         has inspected the Gymnasium.

  • For Funerals, please contact us immediately to make arrangements and to confirm your booking. *We will ensure the gym is cleaned, bathrooms restocked, chairs set-up for the families to have their funeral services.

  • The Morley Community Gymnasium is only booked until 1:00am and it is up to the renter to clear the building at 12:00 am to give them time to clean up after the event. If renters fail to clean the facility they will forfeit their damage deposit.


Terry Downton

Superintendent, Stoney Education Authority