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Nakoda Elementary School - Important Dates & Information

Nakoda Elementary School 

Important Upcoming Dates and Information:

  • April 8-22/ Easter-Spring Break/ No School or Classes

  • April 23/ Return to school :)

  • April 23/ “Earth Day” Assembly and Outdoor Clean Up/ 2-3pm

  • April 25/ Fire Drill Practice “Weather Permitting”

  • April 26/ Spring Fling Dance for Grades 3-6 at NES Gym from 12:30-2pm

  • April 29-30/ NES Eagles Basketball Team to Kainai Tournament; After school departure on the 29th; Team returns evening of the 30th to NES.

  • April 30/ ERC.2 Field Trip to Tommy K Play in Calgary

  • May 1/ Grade 2 Field Trip to Glenbow Museum

  • May 2/ Preschool Field Trip to Big Box

  • May 3/ March-April 80% Attendance Movie Day and Pajama Day!!


Please have students dressed for the unpredictable and cold and wet weather for busing and outdoor activities such as recess.

Gloves, Rain Boots, Coat/Hoodie (Lightweight; waterproof), and Toque/Hat

If you need some help with winter clothing, please let the school or teacher know.


NES/SEA/Nakoda Bus Lines


NOTE:  Please update your contact information (phone numbers; emails; addresses) at the office and with teachers so we have up to date contact information in case of emergencies and needing to contact. Do this regularly please….whenever you change phone numbers, addresses, or emails. 403-881-2219 and


If students are sick more than two days, please provide doctor’s note to have absences excuse; without note, they will be marked “Absent”  



Nakoda Bus Lines/ 403-881-2745 or 403-881-2811 or 403-881-2684

SEA/ 403-881-2743 /                                             

STA Security/ 403-881-2791